Air & Ventilation Cleaning

Ventilation systems inevitably accumulate contaminants which could affect air quality in the workplace. Intelligent Hygiene's ventilation system cleaning programme will significantly improve the performance of any system and the cleanliness of the air you and your staff breathe.

What the programme comprises

The programme includes a thorough air hygiene risk assessment using microbiological swabs, cleaning of ventilation ducts using the latest rotary shafts and brushes, disinfection as required, and regular monitoring and maintenance cleaning of AHUs (Air Handling Units).

Why it's important to maintain a clean ventilation system

  • To comply with health & safety legislation.
  • To eliminate microbiological contamination.
  • To eliminate fire risk.
  • To maintain ventilation efficiency.
  • To avoid expensive material erosion.
  • To provide safe and comfortable working conditions.

What the law says

The 1992 Health& Safety at Work Act covers ventilation and air quality and is very specific in its requirements as is the draft EU standard on Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems (prEN 15780). It is therefore imperative for all air supply and extraction systems to be monitored and serviced regularly to ensure maximum protection and optimum effectiveness, and to comply with the law.

Who is responsible?

Anyone with responsibility for managing a building's ventilation system must ensure that the equipment is properly maintained and complies with H&S regulations.

Free risk assessment

Intelligent Hygiene's Air Hygiene Programme will help you meet H&S regulations and improve the air you and your staff breathe. contact us now for a free risk assessment.