Viral & Bacterial Control

Intelligent Hygiene is a specialist provider of domestic and commercial bacterial and viral control services.

Bacterial and viral infections can breed and cause serious health issues, Intelligent Hygiene closely follows advanced technology systems that can help to eradicate the problems.

What is the eradication process?

Intelligent Hygiene adopts an Air Management System which sterilises the air and removes 99.9% of airbourne pathogens. An Air Management System is simple to install, non disruptive, environmentally friendly and runs on a normal electricity supply.

All surfaces and high touch areas (door handles, workstations, telephones etc) are treated with antimicrobial products (Formula 429.)

Steam cleaning and controlled, off site ozone chambers complete the options for deep cleaning any public, or private areas subject to microbiological attack.

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If not dealt with quickly and effectively, the outbreak can spread at an alarming pace, causing major disruption to your business sector.

Intelligent Hygiene's unique deep cleaning system will help to provide infection control for a wide range of public services and commercial organisations.

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