Anti Bacterial Computer Cleaning

The Facts about Anti Bacterial Computer Cleaning

Did you know 60% of illnesses are caught in the workplace, the majority of them from dirty computer keyboards and telephones? It's not surprising, according to a recent survey by consumer magazine Which?, they often harbour more germs than the office's toilet seat! Food for thought isn't it?

Studies have shown that regular workstation cleaning can reduce staff absences by up to 55% as well as enhancing staff productivity. Also, bearing in mind 70% of equipment malfunctions are caused by dirt and dust, it will prolong the life of your IT equipment.

Microbiologist James Francis, from Kingmoor Technical Services, was asked to target bacteria commonly found in unhygienic places and those linked to food poisoning. He was also looking for coliforms and enteric bacteria, both of which are found in faecal matter and indicate poor hand hygiene. Worryingly, he found four different bugs and one computer was so filthy he said it should be removed as its user was at risk of becoming ill.

Two more keyboards had staph (a type of infection) at "warning" levels also a serious threat to health. The tests followed the survey by Which? and found that one in ten people NEVER clean their computer and only one out of four people clean their computer keyboard or laptop at least once a month. Bacteria get on to keyboards in a number of ways. A big factor is operators eating lunch at their desks; crumbs of food lodge between the keys and encourage the growth of bacteria.

Dust is also a major problem as it traps moisture, creating a perfect environment for bugs to breed. However the two biggest problems are people not washing their hands properly after going to the loo and people who pick their nose as they work. 

Taking all of this into account, it's not hard to see why more and more companies are now operating a clean keyboard, monitor and telephone policy!

Bugs that infect keyboards

Staphylococcus Aureus:



Enteric Bacteria:

How we keep the germs at bay

We begin by removing the dust, crumbs and other debris that creates a habitat for bacterial growth from the computer keyboard using a keyboard specific air duster and anti-static suction device. All the loose material is captured so that the surrounding area is not contaminated. The more stubborn dirt, which builds up in the small crevices of the equipment, is then removed using soft probes made from natural materials before being safely disposed of by our operatives. Finally the entire keyboard surface, mouse, telephone and screen surround are thoroughly cleansed using disinfectant wipes to remove the grease and human tissue which harbour the majority of harmful germs. We'll even place a card in each keyboard following a service so you can easily monitor our progress.

Unique UV Technology

Intelligent Hygiene has developed a premium, unique UV cleaning service that leaves your workstations 99.99% bacteria free and your staff protected from the unseen bugs that inhabit the equipment they have to use every day.

After carrying out our standard service we take things one stage further by placing the computer keyboard, telephone, headset and mouse in our unique ultra-violet disinfection box, which in less than one minute scrambles the bacteria's DNA rendering them harmless to your staff. This unique service is particularly useful in locations that require the absolute highest standards of hygiene, such as hospital clinical wards, food processing companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, etc.

Minimum Disruption

We know your staff are busy so we do everything we can to minimise disruption. Where possible we'll arrange to be on-site at the same time as your general cleaning contractor, whatever the time of day or night that may be. If you run a 24-hour operation we'll arrange our schedule to match your quietest period.

Good for your staff and equipment

Investing in regular workstation cleaning shows that you really care about the welfare of your staff; resulting in a more motivated workforce. In addition, keeping computer equipment clean will result in improved reliability, longer service life and a marked reduction in staff absenteeism.

Market Leaders

Intelligent Hygiene is fast becoming the market leader in antibacterial computer cleaning. We have devised a modern, safer, cleaner and more professional approach to an often underestimated service. We are the first company to introduce keyboard specific air dusters, UV technology and a bespoke analytical program into what is currently a niche market. Some companies might follow suit but we aim to always be one step ahead!

Try a no obligation demonstration

We offer demonstrations nationwide and would be happy to drop by your office to demonstrate our service on a workstation absolutely free of charge. Following that we'll offer you a no obligation quote for the whole premises, whether you decide to go ahead or not, at the very least you will gain one clean, bacteria free computer.

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